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Degree Programs
Electronics Technology
Diploma Programs
Air Conditioning Technology
Electronics Fundamentals
Electronics Technology
Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Welding & Joining Technology
Certificate Programs
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant
Basic Electrical Technician
Basic Electronics
Commercial Truck Driving
Computer Repair Technician
Fiber Optics / Copper Cabling Technician
Pipe Welding Specialist
Radio Frequency Identification
Residential Wiring Technician
Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Wire Welding
Industrial Technologies
Rapid advancements in the Industrial Technologies areas make the need for current education and training essential. Southeastern Tech’s Industrial Technologies programs combine classroom study and practical training emphasizing skill development, related technical knowledge, and general education.

Southeastern Tech offers a wide selection of degrees, diplomas and certificates. These programs are offered on both a full-time and part-time basis.


General Education Core Competencies

 The overall goal of a college education is to help students become productive citizens.  The General Education core contributes to this concept by providing a variety of learning experiences which ensure that graduates are intellectually prepared for lifelong learning. 

STC has identified the following general education core competencies that graduates of associate degree programs will attain.   

  • The ability to utilize standard written English to produce coherent, well-developed writings.
  • The ability to effectively communicate orally in a public setting.
  • The ability to solve practical mathematical problems.
  • The ability to utilize critical thinking skills.
  • The ability to effectively utilize basic computer skills.