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Degree Programs
Criminal Justice Technology
Early Childhood Care and Education
Diploma Programs
Criminal Justice Technology
Early Childhood Care and Education
Certificate Programs
Criminal Justice Records Technician

Human Services

Southeastern Tech is sensitive to the need for qualified persons in the human services field. There are degree, diploma, and certificate programs geared to prepare students for such opportunities.

These programs combine classroom instruction, laboratory practice, and practicum experience to assure that students obtain the most current skills required for their chosen profession.

Students interested in Human Services programs may obtain admission requirements from the Admissions Office. Additional information concerning course offerings, entrance dates, and program costs is also available.


General Education Core Competencies

 The overall goal of a college education is to help students become productive citizens.  The General Education core contributes to this concept by providing a variety of learning experiences which ensure that graduates are intellectually prepared for lifelong learning. 

STC has identified the following general education core competencies that graduates of associate degree programs will attain.   

  • The ability to utilize standard written English to produce coherent, well-developed writings.
  • The ability to effectively communicate orally in a public setting.
  • The ability to solve practical mathematical problems.
  • The ability to utilize critical thinking skills.
  • The ability to effectively utilize basic computer skills.